British (English, Welsh, Scottish), Irish, European & Other Surnames (Family) Crest Listings (U-Z)

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Uderaj, Udney, Udny, Udward, Uffleet, Uffleete, Ufflet, Ufford, Ugletreight, Uhthoff, Umfrevile, Umfreville, Umphray, Umpton, Undall, Underhay, Underhill, Underwood, Unett, Uniacke, Uniacke-Penrose-Fitzgerald, Uniake, Unsworth, Untercombe, Unthank, Unton, Unwin, Unwin-Heathcote, Upcher, Uphaugh, Uphill, Upjohn, Uppleby, Upton, Upwood, Urby, Ure, Urlin, Urmestone, Urquhart, Urren, Urrie, Urry, Urswicke, Usborne, Usher, Usticke, Utber, Utermarck, Utker, Utreight, Utterson, Uvedale, Uvedell, Uvery

Vachell, Vade-Walpole, Vafiadacchi-Schilizzi, Vaile, Vair, Vaire, Vaizey, Valange, Vale, Vale-Martindale, Valence, Valentia, Valentine, Valentiner, Vallack, Vallance, Valomess, Valpy, Vampage, Van, Van Allen, Van Alst, Van Cortlandt, Van Cuellan, Van Cutsem, Van Duyn, Van Jucken, Van Koughnet, Van Nort, Van Raalte, Van Rensselaer, Van Sittart, Van Sittart-Neale, Van Someran, Van Straubenzee, Van Straubenzer, Van Streyan, Van Voorhees, Van Voorst, Van Wyck, Vanam, Vanbrug, Vanburgh, Vance, Vandeleur, Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone, Vandeput, Vandergucht, Vanderplank, Vandyk, Vandyke, Vane, Vane-Tempest, Vane-Tempest-Stewart, Van-Hagen, Vanhattem, Vanheck, Vanhitheson, Vannam, Vanneck, Vanort, Vansittart, Van-Whalff, Van-Zellar, Vardon, Varley, Varlo, Varnham, Varty, Vashen, Vass, Vassall, Vaudin, Vaughan, Vaughan Lloyd, Vaughan-Jenkins, Vaughan-Lee, Vaughan-Lloyd, Vault, Vaulx, Vaus, Vaux, Vavasour, Vavasseur, Vavazor, Vawdrey, Vazie, Veal, Veale, Veele, Veevers, Veitch, Veldon, Vele, Venables, Venant, Venn, Venner, Vennor, Venor, Venour, Ventris, Ventry, Verdelin, Verdier, Verdin, Verdon, Vere, Vere-Hope, Vereist, Vereker, Verelst, Verhulst, Verity, Vernell, Verner, Verney, Verney-Cave, Vernon, Vernon-Harcourt, Vernon-Wentworth, Vernor, Verschoyle, Versfeld, Versfelt, Verst, Versturme-Bunbury, Verulam, Vesey, Vessey, Veyner, Vezay, Vezey, Vialls, Vian, Vicarey, Vicars, Vicary, Vickers, Vickery, Victor, Vidal, Vidler, Viel, Vieler, Viell, Vigne, Vignoles, Vigors, Vigures, Vigurs, Vikary, Vilant, Vile, Villages, Villeboies, Villebois, Villers, Villet, Villettes, Villiers, Villiers-Stuart, Vincent, Vine, Viner, Viney, Vinicombe, Vintners, Vintris, Vipan, Vipont, Vipount, Virgin, Virney, Virtue, Viveash, Vivian, Vizard, Voller, Von Goetze, Von Mueller, Von Stieglitz, Von Sturmer, Vosper, Voules, Vowe, Vowell, Vowill, Vowler-Simcoe, Vowles, Voysey, Vychan, Vyel, Vygor, Vylgus, Vynall, Vyne, Vyner, Vynor, Vynors, Vyvyan

Wackett, Waddel, Waddell, Waddingham, Waddington, Waddy, Wade, Wade-Dalton, Wade-Gery, Wade-Palmer, Wadeson, Wadham, Wadman, Wadsworth, Wager, Wagner, Wags, Wagstaff, Wagstaffe, Wahl, Wailes, Wailes-Fairbairn, Wainwright, Wait, Waite, Waith, Waithman, Wake, Wakefield, Wakeham, Wakehurst, Wakelin, Wakeling, Wakelyn, Wakeman, Wakering, Wakerley, Walcher, Walcot, Walcott, Waldegrave, Walden, Waldesheff, Waldeshescheff, Waldie, Waldie-Griffith, Waldo, Waldoe, Waldoure, Waldron, Waldrond, Waldsheff, Waldy, Wale, Walford, Walford-Gosnall, Walkeden, Walkelin, Walker, Walker-Aylesbury, Walker-Heneage, Walker-Morison, Walkey, Walkfare, Walkingshaw, Walkington, Walkinshaw, Wall, Wallace, Wallange, Walle, Waller, Walley, Walleys, Wallford, Wallingham, Wallington, Wallis, Wallop, Wallpool, Wallpoole, Wallscourt, Walmesley, Walmouth, Walmsley, Walne, Walpole, Walron, Walrond, Walsam, Walsh, Walsham, Walshe, Walsingham, Walstenholme, Walstonecroft, Walter, Walters, Walthall, Waltham, Walthew, Walton, Walworth, Walwyn, Wandesford, Wandsworth, Wankford, Wanklyn, Wanley, Wantage, Wanton, Warburton, Warcop, Warcup, Warcupp, Ward, Wardall, Ward-Boughton-Leigh, Warde, Warde-Aldam, Wardell, Wardell-Yerburgh, Warden, Ward-La Touche, Wardlaw, Wardlaw-Ramsay, Wardle, Wardman, Wardon, Wardor, Wardrop, Wardrope, Ware, Wareing, Warham, Waring, Waringe, Warley, Warmestrey, Warmouth, Warnar, Warne, Warnecombe, Warneford, Warner, Warnock, Warr, Warrand, Warre, Warren, Warren-Darley, Warrender, Warren-Swettenham, Warren-Warren, Warrington, Warry, Warry-Stone, Warter, Warter-Meredith, Warters, Warter-Tatham, Wartnaby, Warton, Wartur, Warwick, Wase, Wasey, Washborne, Washbourn, Washbourne, Washington, Waskett, Waskett-Myers, Wason, Wasse, Wastell, Waster, Wastfield, Wastley, Wastneys, Wastoile, Wastoyle, Waterfall, Waterfield, Waterford, Waterhouse, Waterlow, Waterpark, Waters, Waterton, Waterworth, Watford, Wathe, Wathen, Waties, Watkens, Watkin, Watkins, Watkinson, Watkyns, Watling, Watlington, Watmough, Watmoughe, Watney, Watson, Watson-Armstrong, Watson-Bullock, Watson-Samwell, Watson-Taylor, Watson-Wemyss, Watson-Wentworth, Watt, Watte, Watters, Watterton, Watt-Gibson, Watts, Watts-Russell, Watur, Wauch, Wauchope, Waud, Waudby, Waugh, Wauton, Waveney, Wawn, Way, Wayer, Wayland, Wayne, Wayneman, Waynewright, Waynflete, Wayte, Weale, Wear, Weare, Wearing, Weatherall, Weatherby, Weatherhead, Weatherley, Weatherston, Weaver, Webb, Webb-Bowen, Webbe, Webber, Webber-Incledon, Webbes, Webb-Peploe, Webley, Webley-Parry-Pryse, Webster, Webster-Moss, Weddall, Weddel, Weddell, Wedderbourne, Wedderburn, Wedderburn-Maxwell, Wedderburn-Serymgeour, Wedderburn-Webster, Wedgewood, Wedson, Weeden, Weedon, Weekes, Weeks, Weever, Wegerton, Wegg, Wegge, Wegg-Prosser, Weigerton, Weightman, Weil, Weir, Weir-Vere, Weiss, Welbore, Welborne, Welby, Welby-Everard, Welch, Welchman, Welch-Thornton, Welcome, Weld, Weld-Blundell, Weld-Forester, Weldish, Weldon, Weldy, Welfitt, Welford, Wellan, Weller, Weller-Poley, Welles, Wellesley, Wellesley-Pole, Welley, Wellington, Wells, Wells-Dymoke, Wellwood, Welman, Welsford, Welsh, Welstead, Welsted, Welstod, Weltden, Wemyss, Wemyss & March, Wenard, Wendell, Wendesley, Wendey, Wendover, Wenham, Wenington, Wenley, Wenlock, Wenman, Wensley, Wensleydale, Wentworth, Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, Wentworth-Sheilds, Wentworth-Stanley, Wentworth-Vernon, Wenward, Wenyeve, Weoley, Werden, Werdman, Were, Werge, Werkesley, Werkesly, Wescombe, Wescope, Wescot, Wesley, West, Westall, Westbrook, Westbury, Westby, Westcar, Westcombe, Westcope, Westcote, Westcott, Westell, Westenra, Westerdale, Westerman, Western, Westerne, West-Erskine, Westerton, Westhead-Brown, Westhorp, Westlemore, Westly, Westmacott, Westmeath, Westminster, Westmore, Westmoreland, Weston, Westrope, Westropp, Westropp-Dawson, Westwood, Wetherall, Wethered, Wetherell, Wetherly, Wetherton, Wetmore, Wettenhall, Wettyn, Wettyng, Wever, Wey, Weykes, Weyland, Weymouth, Whadcock, Whale, Whaley, Whalley, Whannell, Whapsot, Wharncliffe, Wharton, Wharton-Myddleton, Whately, Whatley, Whatman, Whatton, Wheat, Wheate, Wheathill, Wheatley, Wheeler, Wheeler-Cuffe, Wheelton, Wheelwright, Whelan, Wheldale, Wheler, Whelling, Whelpdale, Whetcroft, Whetenhall, Whetham, Whetley, Whetnall, Whetstone, Whettell, Whettnall, Whetwell, Whewell, Whichcote, Whicker, Whiddon, Whieldon, Whight, Whineray, Whinfield, Whinyates, Whipham, Whippy, Whirple, Whishaw, Whistler, Whitacre, Whitaker, Whitbread, Whitbred, Whitbroke, Whitburn, Whitby, Whitchurch, Whitcombe, White, Whitebread, Whitefoord, Whiteford, Whitehead, Whitehorn, Whitehouse, Whitehurst, Whitelaw, Whitele, Whiteley, Whiteling, Whitelock, Whitelock-Lloyd, Whitelocke, Whitelocke-Lloyd, Whiteman, Whitenhall, Whiterage, Whiteside, White-Thomson, Whiteway, Whitfield, Whitford, Whitgift, Whitgrave, Whitgreave, Whitham, Whithering, Whithers, Whiting, Whitingham, Whitington, Whitle, Whitley, Whitley-Deans-Dundas, Whitlie, Whitlock, Whitmarsh, Whitmore, Whitney, Whitshed, Whitson, Whittaker, Whittall, Whitteley, Whittell, Whittelle, Whitten, Whitter, Whittewronge, Whitting, Whittingham, Whittington, Whittington-Ince, Whittle, Whittlebury, Whitton, Whittuck, Whitwange, Whitwell, Whitwick, Whitwicke, Whitwike, Whitwong, Whitworth, Whorwood, Whydon, Whyt, Whyte, Whytehead, Whyte-Melville, Whyting, Whytock, Whytt, Wiberd, Wichasle, Wichingham, Wickenden, Wickens, Wickes, Wickham, Wickliff, Wickliffe, Wicklow, Wicks, Wickstead, Wicksted, Wicksteed, Widdevil, Widdowson, Widdrington, Widenham, Widevile, Widope, Widson, Widvile, Widworthy, Wiehe, Wifield, Wigan, Wigge, Wiggett, Wiggett-Chute, Wiggin, Wiggins, Wiggins-Davies, Wiggon, Wight, Wight-Boycott, Wightman, Wightwick, Wiglesworth, Wigley, Wigmore, Wigott, Wigram, Wigston, Wigton, Wikes, Wilberforce, Wilberfos, Wilbraham, Wilby, Wilcocks, Wilcotts, Wilcox, Wilcoxon, Wild, Wildbore, Wilde, Wilder, Wildgoose, Wilding, Wildman, Wildman-Lushington, Wiles, Wiley, Wilfoord, Wilford, Wilk, Wilkes, Wilkie, Wilkin, Wilkins, Wilkins-Leir, Wilkinson, Wilks, Will, Willan, Willans, Willard, Willason, Willaston, Willaume, Willcock, Willcocks, Willding-Jones, Willeigh, Willeley, Willes, Willet, Willett, Willey, Williams, Williams of Boston, Williams of Virginia, Williams-Bulkeley, Williams-Drummond, Williams-Ellis, Williams-Freeman, Williams-Meyrick, Williamson, Williams-Wynn, Willimot, Willingham, Willington, Willis, Willis-Bund, Willis-Fleming, Willison, Willmott, Willock, Willoughby, Willoughby de Broke, Willoughby de Eresby, Wills, Willsher, Willshire, Willson, Wills-Sandford, Willy, Willyams, Willymot, Willymott, Wilmer, Wilmot, Wilmot-Chetwode, Wilmot-Horton, Wilmot-Sitwell, Wilney, Wilsey, Wilsford, Wilshere, Wilson, Wilson-Barkworth, Wilsone, Wilson-Fitzgerald, Wilson-FitzGerald, Wilson-Haffenden, Wilson-Patten, Wilson-Slater, Wilson-Todd, Wilton, Wiltshire, Wimberley, Wimble, Wimbolt, Wimborne, Wimbush, Wimpey, Winall, Winans, Winbolt, Winch, Winche, Winchester, Winchilsea, Winckworth, Wincold, Wincoll, Winde, Winder, Windeyer, Windham, Windle, Windley, Windlove, Windlowe, Windoute, Windover, Window, Windowche, Windsor, Windus, Winford, Wing, Wingam, Wingate, Wingfield, Wingfield-Digby, Wingham, Wingoak, Wingrove, Winlaw, Winlove, Winmarleigh, Winnington, Winsloe, Winslow, Winspeare, Winstanley, Winstanton, Winston, Winstone, Winter, Winterbotham, Winterbottom, Winter-Irving, Wintersells, Winterton, Winthrop, Wintle, Winton, Wintoun, Wintour, Wintringham, Winwood, Winyard, Winziet, Wirdnam, Wire, Wirgman, Wirkesley, Wisden, Wise, Wisemale, Wiseman, Wisham, Wishart, Witchingham, Witford, Witham, Wither, Withering, Witherington, Withers, Withie, Withington, Withypoule, Witmore, Witt, Wittewrong, Wittingham, Witton, Witts, Witty, Wix, Wodderspoon, Wodehouse, Wodehull, Wodeson, Wodnester, Wodor, Wogan, Wogan-Browne, Wolcott, Wolf, Wolfall, Wolfe, Wolfe Murray, Wolfe-Barry, Wolff, Wolgar, Wolin, Wollacombe, Wollaston, Wollcote, Wollen, Wolley, Wolley-Dod, Wollstonecraft, Wolmer, Wolrich, Wolridge, Wolrige, Wolrige-Gordon, Wolryche-Whitmore, Wolseley, Wolseley-Jenkins, Wolsey, Wolstenholme, Wolston, Wolstone, Wolstonecraft, Wolton, Wolverstone, Wolverton, Wombwell, Womerton, Womphrey, Wondesford, Wood, Woodall, Wood-Besly, Woodbine, Woodbridge, Woodburgh, Woodburn, Woodburne, Wood-Burne, Woodcock, Woodd, Woodeson, Woodford, Woodforde, Woodgate, Woodhall, Woodham, Woodhead, Woodhouse, Woodhull, Woodifield, Wooding, Woodley, Woodlock, Woodman, Wood-Martin, Woodmas, Woodnester, Woodnoth, Woodriff, Woodrof, Woodroffe, Woodrooffe, Woodrow, Woodruff, Wood-Ryder, Woods, Woodside, Woodstock, Woodthorpe, Woodville, Woodward, Wood-Wright, Woodyeare, Woof, Wool, Wooland, Woolaston, Woolcombe, Woolcot, Wooldridge, Wooler, Wooley, Woolfall, Woolfe, Woolhouse, Wooll, Woollan, Woollcombe, Woollcombe-Adams, Woollcombe-Boyce, Woolley, Woolridge, Woolrych, Woolsey, Woore, Woorley, Woosnam, Wooton, Wootton, Worden, Wordesworth, Wordie, Wordsworth, Worge, Worhead, Worke, Workesley, Workman, Workman-Macnaghten, Worley, Wormald, Worme, Wormelayton, Wormington, Wormlayton, Wormleighton, Wornack, Worrall, Worrell, Worseley, Worship, Worsley, Worsley-Benison, Worsley-Holmes, Worsley-Taylor, Worsopp, Worster, Worsycke, Worth, De Worthe, Wortham, Worthington, Worthom, Worthy, Wortley, Wortling, Woryndon, Wotherspoon, Wotton, Woulfe, Wowen, Wragg, Wrangham, Wraxall, Wray, Wreahoke, Wreford, Wren, Wrench, Wren-Hoskyns, Wrentmore, Wrey, Wright, Wright-Armstrong, Wright-Biddulph, Wright-Bruce, Wright-Rogers, Wrightson, Wrightsworth, Wright-Taylor, Wright-Warren, Wrigley, Wriothesley, Wriothsley, Writington, Wrixon-Becher, Wrotesley, Wroth, Wrothe, Wrottesley, Wroughton, Wryne, Wyat, Wyatt, Wyatt-Edgell, Wybergh, Wyborn, Wybrants, Wych, Wychcombe, Wyche, Wycherley, Wyckliffe, Wycliffe, Wycomb, Wydent, Wydnell, Wydop, Wydope, Wydrope, Wye, Wyer, Wyke, Wykeham, Wykeham-Martin, Wykeham-Musgrave, Wykes, Wyld, Wyldbore, Wylde, Wylde-Brown, Wylidon, Wylie, Wyllie, Wyman, Wymond, Wynall, Wynants, Wynchcombe, Wynche, Wyndham, Wyndham-Quin, Wyndowe, Wynell-Mayow, Wyneve, Wynford, Wyngate, Wynill, Wynington, Wynn, Wynne, Wynne-Eyton, Wynne-Finch, Wynne-Pendarves, Wynniatt, Wynnington, Wynston, Wynter, Wyrall, Wyrlay, Wyrley, Wyrrall, Wyse, Wythens, Wythernewyke, Wythers, Wyvell, Wyvill


Yabsley, Yaldwyn, Yale, Yale-Jones-Parry, Yallop, Yarborough, Yarburgh, Yard, Yarde, Yarde-Buller, Yardeley, Yardley, Yardly, Yarker, Yarmouth, Yarner, Yarrow, Yarworth, Yate, Yates, Yatman, Yawkins, Yaxley, Yea, Yeamans, Yeards, Yeates, Yeatman, Yeatman-Biggs, Yeats, Yeldham, Yelloly, Yellowley, Yelverton, Yenn, Yeo, Yeoman, Yeomans, Yer, Yerburgh, Yerbury, Yester, Yetsworth, Yetts, Yeverey, Yles, Yockney, Yoe, Yon, Yong, Yonge, York, Yorke, Yorkshire, Yorstone, Youl, Young, Younge, Younger, Younghusband, Young-Reynolds, Young-Scott, Ypres, Yuille, Yule, Yvain

Zachary, Zachert, Zachet, Zamoyska, Zeal, Zephani, Zetland, Zibet, Zinzan, Zorks, Zornlin, Zouch, Zouche, Zurich, Zymon